Hare Krishna - Welcome to NagaSatish Tiruveedula's page

Thanks for visiting my site. By profession, I am a software engineer. But, in reality, I don't do anything. If you want to see a person who spends one year for a task which can be done in 10 minutes, please come and meet me.

I do copy & paste job for almost all the websites that I maintain. Many times, people would tend to disagree with what I said above. But, in reality, except my blog, everything else is copy & paste only. If you don't believe just do deep dive on any site and you yourself will realize.

I have a big list of todos that I want to do out of interest. Since, I am too lazy and still learning basics of programming, they have been in pending state for many years. If you are interested in helping me anyway, please let me know.

I maintain the following sites. If you want to give any feedback on any of those sites, please send me an email to tnsatish AT gmail DOT com.